APRSCP Previous Roundtables



  1st APRSCP
Nov 1997

Host Country:
Bangkok Thailand
Theme: "Promoting Implementation of CP"
Partners: ADB, UNEP, UNIDO, USAEP, APO, Thailand Agencies


Apr 1999

Host Country:
Brisbane Australia,
Theme: "Global Competitiveness Through CP"
Partners: ADB, UNEP, USAEP, USEPA, Australian Agencies



Feb -Mar, 2001

Host Country:
Manila, Philippines
Theme: "CP for Sustainable Growth"
Partners: ADB, UNEP, USAEP, CDG, NIKE, Australian Sponsors, Thailand (CPIE), Canada, Philippine Agencies


  4th APRSCP 
Jan 2003

Host Country:
Chiang Mai Thailand
Theme: "Harmonizing Business and Environment: Still Searching for the Balance"
Co hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia. Partners are ADB, CPIE, UNEP, USAEP, InWent (Formerly CDG/ASEP), UNDP, Indonesian and Thai Sponsors


  5th APRSCP
Mar 2004

Host Country:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Theme: "Moving CP Towards Sustainable Development"
Partners: UNEP, GTZ, InWent, UNIDO, World Bank, APO, UNDP, ADB, Ensearch & C, and Malaysian Sponsors


  6th APRSCP
Oct 2005

Host Country:
Melbourne Australia
Theme: "Doing Sustainable Business in the Asia and Pacific Region"
Partners: UNEP, Eco-recycle, EPA Victoria, HP, and Private Sectors


  7th APRSCP 
Apr 2005

Host Country: Hanoi Vietnam
Theme: "Sustaining Asia Pacific Development"
Partners: UNIDO, UNEP, Vietnam government, Carbotech, VCEP, Holcom, ADB, Pheonix Solar, Rabobank and Private Sectors

At the 7th Asia-Pacific Roundtable for SCP in Hanoi, Vietnam (April/2007), a special session on the Marrakech Process was organised to establish a dialogue among different stakeholders on policies and initiatives to accelerating the shift towards SCP. During the Stockholm International Meeting, the Asia Pacific Roundtable expressed their interest in joining the efforts of the Marrakech Process and offered to organise a meeting on SCP, which was held in Cebu, Philippines, September 2008.


  8th APRSCP
Sep 2008

Host Country:
Cebu Philippines
Theme: "SCP and Green Growth for Climate Action"
Partners: UNSGAP, UN ESCAP, UNEP, UNIDO, Province of Cebu Philippines, The Netherlands Private Sectors: Dow, Holcim, San Miguel, Asian Vine, Unilever, Nestle, Hunter Douglas Regency, Hilton Org, PhilExport, Aboitiz Foundation


  9th APRSCP
Jun 2010

Host Country:
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Theme: "SCP: A Strategy to Meet Global Challenges in Business and Industry"
The theme is selected considering the Global financial recession prevailed and its impact on Asian developing countries economically, environmentally and socially. 
Partners: Ministry of Industry and Commerce (SL), Govt of Norway, UNEP, UNIDO, ADB, SWITCH-Asia, IGES, Vic Uni, Holcim (Lanka), HNB, CCC Solutions and Wijeya News Papers


  10th APRSCP
Nov 2011

Host Country:
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Theme: “Leading to Green Business from local initiative to Global Winner”
Partners: Ministry of Environment of Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia Solid Waste Association (InSWA) and the EU funded and UNEP managed SWITCH Asia Regional Policy Support Component programme.


  11th APRSCP
May 2014

Host Country:
Bangkok, Thailand
Theme: SCP: “Paving the Way to the Future We Want in Asia and the Pacific”
Partners: This event is made possible with the financial and technical support of the EU funded and UNEP managed SWITCH Asia Regional Policy Support Component programme and co-hosted by the Government of Thailand's Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Faculty of Environment, Kasetsart University and other partners such as the following: Platinum Sponsors (EGCO and SCG), our Gold Sponsors (GIZ, Bangchak, and PTT), UNIDO, EU Switch Network Facility, Ministry of Industry Thailand and GIZ. 




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