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Update: Apr 25, 2021 Update

15th Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production
Webisode I Green Recovery and Beyond in Asia Pacific through SCP
Webisode II National Action Plans On Scp, Drivers For Green Recovery
Webisode III Policy instruments for upstream Circular Economy
Webisode IV Facilitating Transition to Sustainable Lifestyles

Update: March 16, 2021 Update

Subject: 2021 event is cancelled

The local Organizing Team regrets to announce that the 7th ISIE AP – 15th APRSCP joint event scheduled on Feb 22-26, 2021 in Cebu, Philippines is cancelled; this is in connection to the many uncertainties amid COVID-19 situation in the Philippines and in the region. We thank the ISIE and APRSCP community who have shown support and submitted their manuscript earlier this year.

The ISIE AP core group will meet and make a separate announcement soon at ISIE website.

The APRSCP is considering holding online roundtable series in 2021, schedule and details will be announced soon at APRSCP website.

Update: June 1, 2020

In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region, wherein many countries have imposed different degree of travel ban and quarantine / lock down policies; the organizer made the following adjustment:

1. The deadline for abstract is moved from May 15, 2020 to Sep 30, 2020.
2. The organizer will re-assess the situation on or before Oct 15, 2020 to make official decision about the conference.
3. The organizer noted that in some cities, there is difficulty to submit abstract online (via Easychair). The authors may email their abstract to 2021cebu@gmail.com.

General introduction to the Conference

The integrated event of the 7th ISIE-AP7 and APRSCP15 will be a unique combination and rare opportunity for science-policy interface in Asia Pacific region concerning sustainability. The event will showcase Asia Pacific talent in scientific knowledge and appropriate policy options for the regional condition through interactive dialogue among scientists and government officials under one roof.

ISIE was founded in 2001 in Leiden, with “Science of Sustainability” as its core competence; while the ISIE-AP events have been organized by the active members in Asia Pacific to meet the regional dynamism. The APRSCP was founded in late 1990s, with participatory support from UNEP, UNIDO, ADB, USAID, EU, and more specifically the NCPCs1. The roundtable has gone through historical path of two major transformation in Asia Pacific; (1) from cleaner production to SCP/RECP & Circular Economy; and (2) from CP project implementation to SCP policy to science- policy interface.

The event promises to facilitate participation of scientists and national governments / LGUs to work hand-in-hand in improving the regional SDG roadmap based on scientific debate.


Conference Chair and Co-Chairs  Important/Proposed Schedule Confirmed Presenters

(Anthony) Shun Fung Chiu
University Fellow & Professor
De La Salle University, Manila
Secretary, ISIE (2010-2014)
President, APRSCP (2009-2011)
Committee officers: see tab

Abstract:Sep 30, 2020
Release of Acceptance:Oct 15, 2020
Conference Proper:Feb 22-26, 2021
Registration Fee (see web):$380 – $750

Academicians and researchers, UNIDO, UNEP, UN ESCAP, ADB, GIZ, IRP, NCPC, MOEJ, EU SWITCH, OECD, S16, Future Earth

International Partners  Supporting Entities & Partners Potential National Supporting
Agencies (to be confirmed)

United Nation ESCAP   UNEP  UNIDO

De La Salle University   DENR Journal of Cleaner Production

Economic Development Authority   National Academy of Science & Tech

United Nations agencies

De La Salle University, Manila
DENR, Rep of the Philippines
Journal of Cleaner Production

Republic of the Philippines, National
Economic Development Authority
National Academy of Science & Tech

 Tentative topics of interest:


Circular economy
Resource efficient and cleaner production
Sustainable consumption and production
Urbanization and Regional Development

2.Tools and Programs

Sustainable public procurement & LCA
Product-service system
Sustainable lifestyle
Sustainable food systems
Inclusive & sustainable industrial development
Consumer choice editing
Sustainable tourism
Eco-system health
Sustainable supply chain
Sustainable value chain
Urbanization and cities
Low carbon community
Regional capability & capacity empowerment


3. Methodologies

Extended environmental input-output
Industrial and urban symbiosis
Emissions, GHG, and climate change Mitigation
Trade and flow embodied impacts
Emergy and footprint methodology Multi-scale metabolism
Material flows and stock
Process integration & P-Graph

4. Trends

Industry 4.0
Society 5.0
Industry 3.5
Digital world (Big data, Block chain)
Green financing
FEW Nexus (food waste)
Carbon capture and 3R
Marine (plastic) debris
Sectoral & SMEs concerns
Disruptive technologies for SCP


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